We are now recruiting motivated team members for the following projects for Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 :


Developing tools to help water protection organizations map the aquatic plants in Quebec’s lakes more efficiently. A combination of aerial and aquatic drones adapted for monitoring of the spatial distribution of underwater herbaceous species.

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Lacustrine herbarium identification by air and marine drone (LHIAMD)

Monitoring pollen, a challenge accepted ! This project aims to build a new instrument: an underwater pollen flow cytometer (UPFC), to be used to resolve two issues: monitoring in real time pollen with autonomous instruments and monitoring underwater suspended pollen grains.

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Submarine Pollen Monitoring by Flux Cytometry (SPMFC)

Democratizing underground cave exploration. This project is all about improving technique to gather cavern telemetry.

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Three-dimensional mapping of Quebec caves (3DMQC)