Bruno Courtemanche

Currently working on his PhD, M. Courtemanche earned his Bachelor’s and Masters degrees at Université de Sherbrooke. His current research focuses on underwater light scattering and microwave scattering. Co-owner and founder of RS Conception inc., M. Courtemanche is working with federal agencies, Sherbrooke University and the private sector to create the next cutting edge sensors and sensors platforms.

Fields of Interest

Sensor and sensor platform design, light scattering, data clustering, remote sensing oceanography, remote sensing of the cryosphere, collaborative science.

Dr. Elisabeth Levac

With an educational background that combined geology, physical geography and a bit of biology, in institutions scattered across North America, it is no wonder Dr. Levac has many research interests. She came to Bishop’s after a Ph.D. in earth sciences from Dalhousie University.
Dr. Levac has been monitoring biogenic aerosols (pollen and spores) in Sherbrooke since 2006 and is now conducting research into
the health impacts of these biogenic aerosols on human health. Pollen travels far and gets everywhere, as her research in the Canadian
Arctic shows. This is why one of Uberg’s projects is to develop a device that will scan pollen grains and identify them. A “truly” cool project but beyond the mechanics, the optics and the electronic sensors this will require, we will need to train a machine. If you have any interest in pollen, optics or artificial intelligence, please join us.

Another thing worth mentioning: Dr. Levac can supervise master students at McGill and at the Université de Sherbrooke as she is adjunct professor at both places.


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