Undergraduate Bishop’s Earth Research Group

The Undergraduate Bishop’s Earth Research Group (UBERG) is an active program of the Multi-scale Climate and Environmental Change Research Group (MUSCLE) at Bishop’s University. UBERG aim to provide deep and meaningful research experience in applied geospatial subjects for undergraduate students.


Helping organizations  accomplish more efficient aquatic plant mapping. A combination of aerial and aquatic drones adapted for the monitoring of spatial distribution of underwater herbaceous species.

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Lacustrine herbarium identification by air and marine drone (Ubergaiter)

Monitoring pollen, a challenge accepted! This project aims to build a new instrument: an underwater pollen flow cytometer (UPFC), to be used to resolve two issues: monitoring pollen in real time with autonomous instruments and monitoring underwater suspended pollen grains.

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Submarine Pollen Monitoring by Flux Cytometry (SPMFC)

This project is about improving techniques to gather cavern telemetry.

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Three-dimensional mapping of Quebec caves (3DMQC)