To you, student (yes, you!):

Do you feel the urge to make a difference? Do you want to do more during your undergrad? Are you are curious about the world of scientific applied research? If you said yes to these, UBERG is for you! Aside from these cliché questions, UBERG provides a great opportunity:
  • to increase your network
  • to get unusual field work experience
  • to give you the possibility to be a co-author in peer-review scientific papers
At UBERG, we encourage trans-disciplinary work through experiential learning!
Contact : or if you have any questions or if you want to join UBERG.

To you, professionals and organizations:

Did you hear about UBERG and see a good fit with your organization for a research project? We are always looking for new opportunities to explore geospatial technologies and develop new possibilities in: data gathering, analysis, data visualization.
Contact : or if you have any questions or want to propose a project for UBERG.

To you, patron:

You like what UBERG is doing by raising a new generation of innovators and scientists? Funding is an important part of scientific research and securing funding leads to improvements of UBERG’s research capabilities.
If you want to get involved by funding a part of UBERG activities, contact Bruno Courtemanche ( UBERG coordinator, Elisabeth Levac ( MUSCLE coordinator, or the Office of Research and Graduate Studies